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    Dogs - Greyhounds, Staffies, Labs, Golden Retrievers and Rotties especially, but any type of dog really! Dog rescue. Bait Dog Rescue.

    End Breed Specific Legislation!

    Compassion in World Farming. Ban Live Exports!

    Moon Bear Rescue. Elephants. Wolves. Animal Welfare issues worldwide. Humanitarian issues. Swimming.

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  1. Dianthus Barbatus

    SGS 2019 Calendar and Cards - SOLD OUT!

    Sorry Lorraine I've just seen this.
  2. Dianthus Barbatus

    SGS 2019 Calendar and Cards - SOLD OUT!

    Oh no! I forgot all about it until now. How time flies!
  3. Dianthus Barbatus

    SGS Summer Show 2017 Winners

    Thank you! So does your mum!
  4. Dianthus Barbatus

    SGS Summer Show 2017 Winners

    Great total I was very late after driving past and going to the wrong place!! but really enjoyed meeting old acqaintances and dogs. This is the first prize wee Flora has won in her life, so thank you very much for that Thanks also to you Jax for the lovely photos of Flora and Yustina which I have to confess I have now stolen
  5. Dianthus Barbatus

    Lost Lurcher ? Renfrew

    Lost dog running scared in Renfrew. Person who took photo yesterday says it looks like a Lurcher. Said it's around Portafield Rd, but I think she must mean Porterfield and said it's definitely in the woods at the walkway. Heading over there soon.
  6. Dianthus Barbatus

    Black greyhound loose in Edinburgh

    Any news? Fingers crossed it's been found by now.
  7. Dianthus Barbatus

    Missing Greyhound: Dundee

    Wow! Great!
  8. Dianthus Barbatus

    Missing Greyhound: Dundee

    http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=110881#.WJUZsVMS-Uk 110881 Status Lost Registered 02 Feb 2017 Name AMBER Gender & Breed Female Greyhound (Spayed) Age Adult Build Colour Pale Tail Marks & Scars Scars on back of the legs from old dog bites Tagged No Microchipped Yes Tattooed Unknown Date Lost 31 Jan 2017 Where Lost Clatto/ Templeton woods Dundee Lost In Region Scotland Lost In Post Area DD1 Date Reunited Other Info Phone 1 07787 995540 Phone 2 01382 400339
  9. Dianthus Barbatus


    Thanks Posted off a cheque today.
  10. Dianthus Barbatus


    Thanks Claire. How much do I owe you?
  11. Dianthus Barbatus


    Hi Claire Do you have any red muzzles? I would like 2. If not red muzzles what other colours do you have in stock?
  12. Dianthus Barbatus

    Christmas ? can ? collection - Totals

    Great results! The string on the can was biting into my fingers it was so heavy, but I never thought you would have raised this amount!
  13. Dianthus Barbatus

    Michael Heseltine strangled his mother's dog to death

    Interesting! I see the story on the link I posted has now been changed to fit in with the BBC Teletext story.
  14. Vile, disgusting "man" http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/11/01/lord-heseltine-i-strangled-my-mothers-dog/

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