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  1. Brilliant total. :thumbup: Well done to everyone involved :clap: .
  2. So glad Olly's been found safe and well. You never know what could have happened in this weather.
  3. Great total in spite of the freezing weather. There's only one winner today and that's SGS.
  4. Great photos! Well done for braving the elements. :clap:
  5. We stayed inside for a while on the afternoon shift but, as we were stuck in a corner, thought that we would get more response outside. After that the money really started rolling in. There was a lot of interest in the dogs who were all well behaved and , , will hopefully lead to more rehomings. Just seen the total amount - fantastic. to Fiona, James, Katherine, Michelle and Phyliss, not forgetting the dogs for making the day such a success. The majestic Skye - check out those ears! Jojo trying to get some sleep Emma and Daisy (behind )checking out the homeless dogs.
  6. Glad to help out Fiona, but work Saturdays so Sunday best for me.
  7. Great news for the 3 lucky dogs staying together :clap: , great news for the new owners and great news for SGS.
  8. Brilliant news. :clap: Pets at Home and well done Yvonne for all your hard work.
  9. Another success for Janice12 and a new home for Poppy.
  10. A new home for lovely little Izzy. Brilliant!
  11. Fantastic amount raised by both teams. You're all winners. Well done to all all involved.
  12. Lovely pics of Frodo enjoying a run on the beach and making himself at home already in the last pic.
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