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  1. Benjiboy.

    Fostering home check G13

    Messaged you x
  2. Benjiboy.

    Christmas Can Collection - Glasgow

    We can do the 2-4pm slot x
  3. Benjiboy.

    Home check needed please - G77

    We can do this x
  4. Benjiboy.

    Home check needed please - G42

    We can We can do this x
  5. Benjiboy.

    Glasgow Summer Can Collection

    We can do after 1pm xx
  6. Benjiboy.

    Homecheck - G42

    I can do this not this week but next if you can't get anyone sooner xx
  7. Benjiboy.

    Home check needed - G14

    I can do this if it's not sorted xx
  8. Benjiboy.

    SGS Christmas Can collections - Glasgow

    Hi Claire, Benji and Lexi are happy to come along, they love the attention they always get lol. We can do either 1-3pm or 3-5pm whichever you need us for xx
  9. Benjiboy.


    I'm just so delighted to see this girl looking so happy. Absolutely thrilled she has a fantastic new home xx
  10. Benjiboy.

    Homecheck needed for G11

    I can do it but would need to be next week if that helps? Xx
  11. Benjiboy.


    I'm delighted for you Maureen and Peachy is so lucky. I didn't think she would have ever left anyway xx
  12. Benjiboy.

    Keeping us safe

    That's awful!! When I'm doing Homechecks Brian and I usually team up or if he's not available I get Jim to come with me. We've had a couple that I've been glad he was there. I do the same if we are picking up a dog as you never know how that will go in case they have a change of heart etc. I hope everyone involved this weekend is ok and nothing like that happens again xx
  13. Benjiboy.

    Help needed Sunday 30th

    HI katie Ive replied to this on the Facebook post and could help with transport from Carlisle if it could go any later and would be happy to keep him until suited the fosters.
  14. Benjiboy.

    Summer Can Collection - Glasgow

    Hi sorry but we are away that weekend. Always enjoy the can collections and would have enjoyed this as it's not the winter lol xx
  15. Benjiboy.


    Absolutely delighted that this wee girl has a fantastic new home. She looks like such a different dog. Be happy in your forever home Phoebe you certainly deserve it ?
  16. Benjiboy.

    GUMVA Rodeo 2017

    Hi Claire, Jim and I off that weekend so available to come and help xx
  17. Benjiboy.

    Home Check needed - G43

    I can do this Suzanne xx
  18. Benjiboy.

    Homecheck needed for G41

    Hi Emma I can do this but it would need to be the week after next? Xx
  19. Benjiboy.

    Christmas ? can ? collection - Totals

    Fantastic? Well done everyone and thanks Claire for all your hard work xx
  20. Benjiboy.

    Christmas Can Collection - Glasgow

    That's great Claire looking forward to it. If you get a minute stick jim's name on the 2-4pm slot with me. He's laughing as he says he doesn't need to come as his names not on it just mine. Not a chance that he's not coming lol. Xx
  21. Benjiboy.

    Christmas Show 2016 - Winners and Grand Total

    Fantastic total and it was a brilliant day. Well done everyone xx
  22. Benjiboy.

    Homecheck needed for G15

    Gill I have another one to do too if you want to do this one ? Xx
  23. Benjiboy.

    Homecheck needed for G15

    Emma this is five mins from me. Happy to do it?
  24. Benjiboy.

    Homecheck needed for G44

    Haha no problem I will be in the area anyway xx
  25. Benjiboy.

    Homecheck needed for G44

    I can do this Emma x

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