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  1. Reggie


    Lovely Kasper has had to wait a wee while to get his Forever home. His age for some reason deterred people from seeing the lovely boy that he is . Worth the wait though as he has gone to live with a lady who fell in love with him at first sight His new Mum describes him as a lovely big pet. Kasper has settled in really well, gets on great with the small grand children, been great with all dogs out and about and seemingly is a seasoned bus traveller already. Be happy lovely boy, it's been a long time coming for you . Thanks to Michelle at the kennels and to Kevin who fostered Kasper and showed him the way to being this special boy and to all who helped with his journey to Scotland and his temporary holiday care.
  2. What a lucky boy having such fun with all those pals. Great pics and nice to see Minnie, Chief and Bonnie again. Lottie as well of course 💕
  3. We have a lovely wee lurcher girl needing to go into foster ASAP If anyone can help who is going to the SGS walk tomorrow at Victoria Park and take her to EH 21 that would be great. PM myself or one of the Team or post below. Thanks
  4. Reggie

    Home check needed - EH26

    We need a Home Check here please. One friendly Westie X , no children PM myself or one if the Team if you can help please
  5. Reggie


    This lovely lad has found himself a great home . Joe has gone to live with a couple who adored him on sight. He's a bit of a shy boy but getting there with his walks and enjoying them now. Joe loves to play in the security of his garden and is having fun with his new toys Be happy special boy, life's just getting better and better for you now. Thanks to Michelle for taking Joe into her care, to all the people involved in his transport up to Scotland and to George and Lyndsey who fostered Joe and helped him on the way to his happy home.
  6. Reggie


    This special boy has found himself a wonderful home up in the NE. A lovely lady wanted an older greyhound to spoil so SGS obliged. Yankee is now known as Frankie and his new adoring Mum says he has settled in really well as if he has been there all his life. He's enjoying his garden, his new fancy bed and his very fancy dog food. Life has definitely got better for this lovely older gent. He's been a long time waiting but boy has it been worth it. Be happy lovely Frankie you really deserve this. Thanks as always to Michelle who found Frankie for us and started him on his long road, literally, to happiness. Thanks as well to all the folk who helped with the transport for Frankie to get to his new home
  7. We have a Lily coming up from Michelle’s kennels to go into foster on Tuesday. We have sorted her to Hamilton Services ML3 6 JW but need to get her to her foster home in Leith EH6 Rough estimated time would be 3 to 4 pm at Services. If anyone can help us please PM myself or Shona .
  8. Reggie

    Fostering Home Check - G20

    We need a Home check for Fostering here please. No other animals or children . Contact myself or one of the Team if you can help.
  9. Reggie


    Great news for this special ❤️girl in her new home with her new friends and hairy bum 😍
  10. Reggie


    Sometimes in rescue work things are just meant to happen and for gorgeous Millie's case it certainly was the case. As most of you might know Millie was adopted by Jaclyn a few months ago. Sadly Jaclyn had an accident and Millie went into Foster with SGS. Jaclyn is recovering now but it will be a good few months before she would be able to take Millie so very unselfishly she made the sad decision that Millie should be rehomed rather than be in foster for an unlimited time. One night Millie was being walked by her Foster Mum and was stopped by a lady who remarked how like her last dog she was. Foster Mum told this lady Millie's story and the lady rushed home to tell her husband that Millie was up for adoption. The very same night they visited Millie, next night they got a Home Check and Millie has been with her new family ever since. How fortunate was that and so coincidental that it was the same day that Jaclyn had told me she had decided that Millie should go up for rehoming. Another coincidence was that Millie's new family had just decided that same week that it was time to adopt again and it would be an 'oldie ' A great outcome for Millie and she has settled in really well and enjoying her new garden and park walks. Her new Mum can't believe this has happened as Millie is so perfect in every way. Thanks to Stan and Nicky for taking Millie into foster so quickly when it was so urgent. Get well soon Jaclyn
  11. Reggie


    That's the best news ever for this special lady Enjoy you life as a much loved pet gorgeous Jenny gorgeous Storm now
  12. Reggie


    This beautiful girl didn't go into Foster. Ella had been in the house with Michelle at the kennels and fitted in so well she stayed there until a home came up for her. Ella went to live with a lovely lady who says she has settled in so well and so quickly she can hardly believe it. Her new Mum has been stopped in the street so many times for people to pat Ella and Ella is loving all the attention. She's a real 'people ' girl. Be happy beautiful girl, all love and cuddles from now on. Thanks to Michelle for taking her into her care and to Magda who did the whole transport from North East England.
  13. Reggie


    This gorgeous boy has found his Forever home Max has gone to live with a lovely couple and another lurcher called Tommy. They are getting on really well and Max has settled in as if he has been there for ever. He's enjoying his walks and play in the garden but also his sleeping on the sofa His new Mum and Dad can't believe how easy he has been in such a short time. Be happy Max, enjoy your new life. Thanks to Ellen and Family and the lovely Lottie ( SGS girl ) for taking Max into foster before his Forever home was found.
  14. Reggie


    This handsome boy has certainly fallen on all 4 paws Not only has he found a top forever home but he has his sister Tiggi with him as well. Monty has settled in really quickly and is enjoying the freedom of his garden and having Tiggi to help him dig holes. It's so special that Monty and Tiggi can be together as they have never been separated and it's special people who commit to 2 dogs at once so a big thanks to Lorraine and Glen for taking them both in as fosters but not being able to part with them after a very short time. Welcome to the FF Club Be happy Monty, life is all good from now on. Thanks to Michelle for taking him into care, the folks who helped with his transport, and to Lorraine and Glen for fostering him and then joining the FF Club
  15. Reggie


    As some of you might have noticed the beautiful Tiggi has found a lovely home with her brother Monty. Tiggi can be a very timid girl so she needed Monty for reassurance. She has settled in really well and with guidance from Monty she is starting to come out of her shell now and beginning to understand what being a much loved pet is all about. She has a lovely garden to play in and she has discovered digging I believe Thanks to Michelle for taking her into care, the folks who helped with her transport, and to Lorraine and Glen for fostering her and then joining the FF Club.

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