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  1. Reggie

    Home Check needed PA14

    We need a checker here please. No other animals or children. PM myself or one of the Team if you can help.
  2. Reggie

    Home check needed - Killin

  3. Reggie

    Homecheck needed - AB12

    This has been sorted
  4. Reggie


    This handsome boy has found himself a lovely home Loki was a very timid boy when he first came into SGS care but with time he has got his confidence and is now living with a cat . He's being really well behaved with his new cat sister and she appears to be the boss. Loki will have a great new life with lots of woodland walks for him to enjoy. Be happy gorgeous boy. -Thanks to Michelle for taking him into SGS care, anyone who helped transport Loki, Karen and family who initially fostered Loki and to Janice and Stewart who fostered Loki just before he found his Forever home. I know he was a hard one to give up for them
  5. This is sorted. Thanks so much.
  6. We need a transport for a wee lurcher going for holiday relief. She's in Haddington and needs to go to Gowkhall/Dunfermline . This could be flexible for pick up maybe. The dates are flexible as well . Pick up 10th or 11th July through to 19th, 20th, 21st July depending on availability of Volunteer, hopefully !!! She's a sweet girl, a little timid but travels well and is fine with sighthounds. PM myself or a Team member if you can help please.
  7. Reggie

    Floyd and Aura

    These two lovey greyhounds came back to SGS through sad circumstances and through no fault off their own. SGS were very lucky in that we had a family who were willing to take both of them together as foster dogs and didn't hesitate to go and get them. Floyd and Aura settled in so well and were no problem at all so it was decided that the lovely pair would be adopted and not have to move on or be separated. A lovely outcome for them both. They have their own bedroom, love corned beef and are pretty much keeping their human slaves on the right track Be happy Floyd and Aura, a special home for 2 special hounds. Thanks to John and Fi for helping out in an emergency but most of all for joining the FF Club
  8. Reggie


    Lovely Paco has not had to move far from his foster home His family have decided that he's such an easy boy and fits into their family so well that he's going nowhere Paco didn't take long to charm his new family, one week He's been so good in every way that they have decide to join the FFC best Club going. Be happy lovely Paco, life's just going to be so good for you. Thanks to Michelle for taking Paco into the kennels and to Susan and Iain for doing the transport
  9. Reggie

    Home check needed - G46

    This is sorted . Thank you .
  10. Reggie


    Lovely wee Suzie has found her Forever Home Suzie has gone to live with a lovely lurcher called Maggie and they are the best of friends already. Suzie settled in really quickly and found the sofa on her first evening Her new Mum can't believe how easy and calm she is. Be happy little Suzie, you're goung to have so much fun with Maggie. Thanks to Sophie and David who fostered Suzie, they did a wonderful job with her and found it very hard to hand her over.
  11. Reggie

    Home check needed - G46

    Home check needed here pleased. No animals or children. PM myself or a Team Member if you can help.
  12. Reggie


    Moana, now known as Luna has found her Forever Home up in the NE. Luna has gone to live with 2 lovely wee dogs and a cat and she is getting on really well with all 3. She's settled in from day one and has found the couch as well She's been very cuddly and friendly with everyone she meets and her new Mum can't believe how easy she is. Have a great new life Luna . Thanks to Michelle for taking such great care of her in the kennels, Susan and Elle for fostering her and anyone who was involved in her transport to Scotland
  13. Reggie


    He certainly has, just meant to be ❤️
  14. Reggie


    Dancer came back into SGS care from sad circumstances and through no fault of his own. He went back into foster with his original fosters and was a bit subdued for a wee while until adjusted again. He has however got a new Forever family and another SGS hound for company. This again was a sad story as the SGS hound was very subdued after the loss of his greyhound friend. His new family decided to go and see Dancer and the 2 hounds got on really well so Dancer was off to the Borders and has settled in really well and has cheered up the resident hound Have great new life Dancer. Thanks to Ken and Debra for fostering Dancer again and taking such good care of him.
  15. Reggie


    This gorgeous wee girl by passed the fostering process and went straight into her Forever home Ellie has settled in so well her new Mum says it's as if she's been with her forever. She's met extended family dogs in the shape of a Rottie and a Yorkie and was just fine with them both. She's loving her woodland walks and her fabulous ears are never down She's not mastered the stairs yet but she's getting all the time she needs. Thanks again to Michelle for taking such good care of Ellie and to Shona and Steven for helping with the transport

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