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  1. Reggie

    Christmas Can Collection Inverness

    Well done everyone and hounds and thanks for your time .
  2. Hi Reggie


    I may be the person in EH15 where a home check has been requested.  Does this mean I can expect to hear from someone soon?


    Many thanks!

    1. Reggie



      I just got a message form one of our Volunteers yesterday that she can do your Home Check . She should be contacting you over the weekend or the beginning of next week


    2. Leslies


      Great- thank you Suzanne.  it was good to speak with you earlier in the week.

  3. Reggie

    Home Check needed please - EH15

    This is sorted thanks.
  4. Reggie


    This beautiful girl has found herself a top home with another SGS Greyhound for a friend. Daisy has gone to live with Ben and has settled in really well in a very short time. Ben's Mum wasn't sure if he would like another hound in his home but it has worked out perfectly and in fact Ben has calmed down when out walking with his new ' beau ' alongside him. Daisy's new Mum and Dad couldn't be happier at the outcome and how easy Daisy has been. Happy days Daisy Dog. Thanks as always to Michelle for taking Daisy into her kennels and to Bev, Nick and Fangy for helping Daisy on her way to her new home and t the folk that helped with her transport up to Scotland.
  5. We need a Home Check here please. No other animals or children. PM myself or a Team member if you can help
  6. Reggie

    Christmas Can Collection - Edinburgh

    Good Luck to all of you who are going along. Glad the weather is better as folk might be glad to go shopping 😂 Thanks from the Homeless Hounds .
  7. Reggie

    Christmas Can Collection - Dundee

    Well done and thanks to everyone and every hound who helped out. An amazing amount
  8. Reggie

    Home Check needed G31

    We need a Home Check here please. No other pets or children. PM myself if you can help.
  9. Reggie


    Happy new life Asher ❤️ All good from now on beautiful 💕
  10. Reggie


    So happy for this lovely boy😍 He’s had such a long journey with SGS and waited so long so it’s just fantastic news that he’s not moving on any more. What a special home for a special boy ❤️ Have fun gorgeous boy.
  11. Reggie


    This gorgeous boy never made it to the Homeless page. His foster Mum has decided that he's such a lovely boy that she can't bear to part with him. Lee was quite a timid boy when he came into SGS care. He was scared of the big World outside his ' safe house' but over the past few weeks he's turned the corner with his confidence and has been enjoying his walks now, been a guest at a Wedding and can go on bus trips . Be happy lovely Lee in your new life. Thanks to Amrita for taking Lee into foster and joining the best Club ever, Failed Fosters
  12. Reggie


    This cute little guy never made it to the Homeless Page.❤️ Alfie came into SGS care because his owner, through ill health, couldn’t look after him anymore. Alfie came into foster and was a delightful boy to have around. As fate would have it a member of our foster lady’ family was looking for a dog and after one meet up fell totally in love with him. Alfie has settled in really well, found the sofa and found the bed😂 loves the neighbour’s wee dog and his new family are so happy to have him in their lives. Happy days ahead Alfie, you really deserve this. Thanks to everyone who helped Alfie on his SGS journey to happiness. Alexis who fostered him and Joe and Lianne who helped with his transpor
  13. We need a Home Checker please . No children here, one friendly lurcher. Please PM myself or one of the Team if you can help.
  14. Reggie

    Home Check needed KY11

    This is sorted. Thanks
  15. Reggie


    This lovely mellow boy never made the Homeless page. He's been such a n easy laid back boy that a home was identified very quickly. Stan, now known as Dan, has settled in so well that his new Mum is in awe of how good he is. She says he's the gentlest, most mild mannered dog she has ever known. He found the bed the 2nd night, has met grand children and was so calm, been great out and about and walks like a dream. Thanks to Michelle at the kennels for taking Dan into SGS care, the people who helped with his journey up to Scotland and to Stan and Nikki ( has been a tad confusing ) for fostering Dan and showing him the road to being the perfect pet

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