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  1. Home checker needed here please. 2 resident cats but can be kept safe !! PM myself or a Team member of you can help . Thanks in advance
  2. Reggie


    As sometimes happens through no one's fault the gorgeous Moss was needing rehomed again through SGS. As fate would have it we had a wonderful family who only wanted to adopt an older hound. Moss is into his teens now but very fit and he's gone to live on the West of the country with a wee Beardie collie who adores him. She follows Moss everywhere but has total respect for when he needs a rest. Moss and Lulu have 9 acres of fenced in land to mooch about in and Moss has been enjoying running with Lulu and can even overtake her on a good day Moss's new Mum adores him and she says his favourite spot is lying in front of the fire in his new memory foam bed A wonderful outcome for everyone but especially Moss.
  3. This gorgeous girl has found her Forever home 💕 Bramble has a human brother to fuss over her and her new Mum says she’s settled in so well she can’t believe how easy she’s been. Bramble is loving her cuddles and all the new walks with her new family. She’s also ignored the resident pet rats she’s such a great girl❤️ Thanks to Michelle , Anastayzia and everyone who helped in her transport up to Scotland
  4. Happy days for this perfect wee girl
  5. Reggie


    This lovely girl came back into SGS care briefly from very sad circumstances but as fate sometimes plays a hand in rescue work there was a home nearby waiting . Luna went for a meet up with the potential family and never left. Luna has settled in really well and is totally loving all the company and affection. She has 2 teenage humans to play with and a granny to ‘baby sit ‘ her as well. How lucky is she !! Be happy gorgeous Luna💖
  6. Reggie


    The gorgeous Berry has found herself a wonderful home with another SGS hound for her brother. Berry had a bit of a hiccup in between going to her Forever home and leaving the kennels as she was earmarked for another home but sadly this wasn't to be through no fault of Berry's. Her original Foster Mum and family fell in love with Berry and decided that should her initial adoption not work out they would take Berry back in a heart beat. Sometimes things are just meant to be and Berry has settled back with her Foster family as if she had never been away. Welcome to the Failed Fosters Club Roseann it took a while but inevitably one hound will come along that you can't give up. Happy days ahead for Berry
  7. Reggie


    This lovely girl never made it to the Homeless page. Peri was seen in the kennels by a lady doing a transport for SGS and she decided that she would fit into her home just perfectly. Peri , now to be called Channy, short for Chanel has fitted in really well already and has the gorgeous SGS boy Rudi as her canine brother. Some things are just meant to be and Channy is going nowhere. Be happy gorgeous girl . Thanks to Michelle as always for taking Channy into her care until she found her Forever sofa.
  8. Reggie


    This perfect wee girl has found herself a wonderful home💖 Jessie has settled in so well and so quickly her new Dad can’t praise her enough. Fantastic, brilliant, amazing were a few words used to describe her. 😍She loves everyone she meets and has been fine with any other dog as well. A little diamond 💎 dog. Thanks as always to Michelle for taking her into the kennels, Kate for being a great foster Mum and also the folk who helped transport Jessie up to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  9. Reggie


    Happy retirement Buster. Cosy fire, sofa and lots of cuddles so no more adventures !!
  10. Reggie


    This lovely boy has found a wonderful home with an SGS girlie as his new sister Poor Eliza was very sad when her friend Bruno passed away . Harry has come into her life now and she's brightened up and having fun again. She's even sharing a bed with Harry Harry has settled in so well and so quickly is a great outcome for everyone. Happy new life Harry Thanks to Kevin and his family who did a great job of fostering Harry and making this possible.
  11. I found this Knitted coat pattern. This is the basic pattern I got from Greyhounds in Need Charity shops sometimes sell "odds and sods" of wool cheaply that may be suitable. They may also be able to sell you very cheaply mens neck ties that are too grotty to put on display; 2 of these with the thin ends sewn to the make coat as in step 9) make good alternative belly bands. • Size 8 or 4mm needles or 5mm and 6mm • 500g ball of Arran wool or suitable thick wool. 1) Cast on 100 stitches in garter stitch and knit for 24 inches. I did the coats in double rib ie: 2 knit 2 purl but that’s just a preference. Divide neck as follows: 2) With right side facing, knit 43 stitches then cast off 14 stitches which will be centre of the neck. 3) Knit the remaining 43 stitches from the left hand needle onto the right hand needle. Shape neck as follows: 4) Starting at beginning of row knit 43 stitches then slip remaining 43 stitches onto stitch holder. 5) Starting at neck edge decrease one stitch every alternate row (by knitting two stitches together) until 20 stitches remain, then cast off. 6) Return to remaining 43 stitches on stitch holder and repeat to match other side. Wrong side facing, sew neck ends together. To make belly band: 7) Cast on 1.5 inches in garter stitch. 😎 Knit for 66 inches and cast off. 9) Sew band onto dog coat half way down. (To tie under belly) I don’t do the belly band but knit a wee rectangle to sew on under the belly. I make 3 button holes about 2 inches from the end and then sew the band on and sew on 3 suitable buttons onto the coat to match the button holes. It’s trial and error really to get the length right. Pattern for a Snood Using Arran or similar type wool with size 4/5/6 mm needles. Cast on 70 stitches and knit in double rib, 2 knit 2 purl.. Continue for 10 to 14 inches depending on the size required. About 2 inches from the end I increase one stitch at each end of every alternative row. This is to make the snood a snugger fit round the neck/shoulder area but not necessary if you don’t want to. . Over sew seam on the wrong side leaving a gap in the middle if you need a hole for the lead/collar attachment. I over sew the side of this in blanket stitch to make it stronger. You can experiment with different colours and stripes etc as you like. It is def. easier than I have made it sound and the more you do the easier it becomes. The coats do take a while and a word of warning is not to make them too long as they do stretch a bit when the dog is moving. Ideally measure to about a couple of inches from the root of the tail. Great fun and you can do it while watching telly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To add the snood part onto the coat Pick up 70 stitches from round the neck of the coat Knit in double rib as for the snood pattern but don’t do the increasing part in the last 2 inches. Sew up as before.. This is for a plain coat with snood but you can do your own patterns as you desire or not. Start with simple stripes or a different border. I did the border in garter stitch and then change to double rib for the remainder of the coat. Just experiment yourself and do what you find easies
  12. Reggie


    This gorgeous little girl never made it to the Homeless pages. She came to the attention of Michelle at the kennels and she has fitted so well in the house and with all the other hounds that she’s going nowhere. Beth is a cuddly, friendly wee girl who has a cheeky side just starting to flourish now. Welcome to the FF Club Michelle and Ian. No one saw this coming
  13. We need a Home Check here please. One child and 6 rats !! These can be separate for check . PM myself if you can help .
  14. We need a Home checker here please. No other animals, 2 older children . PM myself or another Team member if you can help.
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