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  1. Home Check needed - G41

    We need a Home Checker here please. No children but a very small fluffy dog. PM one of the Team if you can help ( I won't be available this time )
  2. Nora

    Nora was a very special girl when she came into SGS care. She had been misunderstood on a few occasions and understandably was a confused wee soul She has found her Forever Family now though and they are delighted with her and can see past her little issues and love her for the beautiful girl she is. Things sometimes are meant to be and Nora has settled in really well and her new Mum and Dad can't believe how well behaved she is. It was a long time coming Nora , for you to find this happiness, we are all so delighted for you. Be happy and enjoy your new life. Thanks to everyone who helped Nora on her way with transporting and to Babs who fostered Nora and was very sad to see her go but so happy for her.
  3. Glen

    This gorgeous boy never made the Homeless page. Glen was suited to a family up in Aberdeen so just went into foster for a quick assessment. Glen has settled in really well. He has charmed everyone in the family especially the wee grand daughter who loves him. Glen is such a good boy, nothing phases him and he gets on with all other dogs and he likes nothe ing better than to have a zoomie in the garden then roach on the sofa in true greyhound style. Be happy Glen in your new life Thanks to Lianne, Callum and Izzy for fostering this boy and to Jaclyn who helped transport him up to the NE.
  4. Roly

    Some of you might have heard bur Roly, now to be known as Rocky is going nowhere His Foster family have fallen in love with him from the onset really and he's the most perfect boy ever , He follows his human sister everywhere and has settled in really well with the resident dogs . They didn't take long to make up their minds that gorgeous Rocky was to be an addition to their family. Be happy lovely boy, no more moving on Thanks to Michelle, Martin, Fiona and of course Vanessa and her family for making this boy so happy.Welcome to the FF Club Vanessa, 3rd time lucky !!!!
  5. Home check here please, no other animals but 2 small children . PM me if you can help.
  6. Sooty

    This beautiful little girl has found herself a wonderful Forever Home after 9 years in kennels Not only is she starting a new life but she has a new name as well, Aria. Her Mum and Dad can't believe how well she has settled in and she's just been a joy to be around already, only 48 hours She's a bit shy out and about but they are taking it really easy and building up her confidence slowly. She has bagged herself a proper feather King size duvet and just loves to snuggle up on it next to the radiator. It's wonderful when the older dogs her a chance to retire in comfort so this has been a very special Homing for SGS. Be happy beautiful girl Thanks to Jacqui who took Aria into foster and to her lovely boy Blitz who was so patient with Aria when she was settling in. Thanks to George and Lyndsey as well who collected Aria and had her for a few days before she went to Jacqui
  7. HC needed Dundee - DD4

    We need a Home Check here please. No animals but 2 young children 5 and 6 yrs. PM me if you can help.
  8. Home Check needed - EH 10

    Home check here please . No kids or animals. PM me if you can help.
  9. Taggart

    Taggart or Tags as he is fondly known in SGS, has, after a long time, found his Forever Home. Tags has had a rough journey to achieve such happiness. He's been overlooked a few times but his new family can see him for the lovely boy he is. Tags has settled in with his new family and has surprised them as to how quickly he's adapted. He's enjoying his walks, loving his sofa and generally being a wonderful addition to their household. Happy days ahead special boy Thanks to Susan and Elle who took Tags into their home when he really needed them. We know how hard it was to hand him over.
  10. Izzy

    Well done Izzy, đź’•charming your way to a Forever Home. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.
  11. Peggy

    Just the best news for this beautiful girl what a great life she has ahead of her, care free, stress free and running for fun. Thanks to everyone who made this possible
  12. We need a checker here please. No children or other animals. PM myself if you can help.
  13. Ava

    Ava has found herself in a lovely home, after coming back to SGS care through no fault of her own as is mostly the case She went to Emma's as a foster girl but has become a member of the family now. It was debatable for a while if Ava was going to be ok with Mao the resident cat but after a while and training they have become tolerant of each other Ava also has another greyhound girl called Lily to live with. Ava has brought Lily out of her shell so much lately and they are firm friends now, sharing everything. Enjoy your life now lovely Ava, happiness at last. Thanks Emma for joining the best club ever the Failed Foster Club
  14. Kasper's weekend trial going great

    This is great news for you all . So pleased for Kaspar, he's waited a long time for the right family.
  15. Rikki

    This very special boy has found his Forever Home Rikki has a new name as well. He is to be called Fionn, Irish for Finn. Fionn has settled in remarkably well with his wee sister Mazzy the Cairn terrier She's been snuggling up to him on his giant bed. His new Dad was saying that when they were both out in the garden it looked like a pony and a hedgehog there is such a difference in their size as Fionn is a big lad even by greyhound standards. His new Dad couldn't praise him enough and is amazed at how gentle and easy he has been. Be happy lovey boy, what a contrast from the horrendous life you had in Ireland. Thanks to George and Lyndsey who fostered this boy and to Vanessa who had him for a sleepover weekend .