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  1. Honey

    This gorgeous wee girl came to the notice of SGS through no fault of her own. She's a lovely friendly girl and it wasn't too long before she found her Forever home . Honey has settled into her new home and has been enjoying all the attention and all the lovely walks round and about the NE . Her new Dad says she's a little angel, in the house but quite lively outside Have a happy new live Honey, you deserve this chance. Thanks to everyone who has been involved with Honey's journey to her new life.
  2. Henry

    This handsome big boy has winged his way up to the North East of Scotland. Henry, now to be known as Linden has found himself a lovely family in a quiet part of Aberdeen. He's settled in really well and has found out about all the home comforts of being a pet. He has his own bedroom and mattress he's not quite discovered the sofa yet but I'm guessing that won't be long. He's a bit of a shy boy but already he's starting to play with all his toys and he's really enjoying his walks out and about. Be happy big fella, you deserve all these comforts. Thanks to Michelle for taking Linden into her care, to all the people who helped transport Linden and to Kirstie for fostering him, I know he was a tough one to say 'Good Bye 'to
  3. Melia

    Those pics are fab 💕 she’s having so much fun .
  4. Melia

    This beautiful wee girl has found herself a wonderful home Melia has gone to live with a lovely couple who have a lurcher . Sadly they had lost a couple of their hounds and quite close together and the lurcher was feeling very sad. Melia has helped him find a happy place again and they are getting on really well. She has settled in very quickly and apart from being obsessed with her meals there have been no problems. Melia will have such a great life and have plenty walks on a beach with her new brother. Her new Mum and Dad are very happy as well and are pleased to be back in the greyhound ' Family ' Be happy gorgeous girl, looking forward to hearing of your new adventures !!!! Thanks to everyone who helped with Melia's transport , to Michelle for taking such good care of her in the kennels and to Susan and Elle who fostered her.
  5. Home Check needed - DG2

    Home Check here please . No children , one lurcher . PM myself if you can help.
  6. Sasha

    Another great Homing here Gorgeous Sasha has found herself a great home. She has settled in really well and her new Mum can't believe how easy she has been. She's got a human brother who adores her and likes nothing better than to lie on the floor stroking her. When he stops she does little moany noises until he starts again. She's great out walking and her family can't fault her in any way. Happy days ahead for you Sasha , you deserve this happiness. A massive thanks to Ania and family who fostered this girl as I know she was tough to give up
  7. Poppy

    Gorgeous Poppy didn't have to wait too long to find her Forever Home Poppy will be living with another gorgeous greyhound called Storm and they are getting on really well even if Poppy would like to snuggle up to Storm just a bit more Poppy has been to ' work' with her new Mum and was very well behaved which is all we would expect from this special girl there were other dogs in the office and Poppy was so good and just stayed on her bed and ignored them. What a clever girl she is. Be happy beautiful Poppy, enjoy your new life. Thanks to Julie and family for fostering this gorgeous girl and Misty the whippet as well. Thanks to everyone who helped Poppy on her way from Michelle in the kennels to the people who helped her transport
  8. Lottie

    This gorgeous girl has used her charm and is going no further.She has been such a perfect girl that her Foster Family can't bear to part with her. Lottie has settled in so well and has been great with the 2 young girls in the family. She's enjoying her beach walks up North and also has got on well with her ' Granny's ' 3 greyhounds, all SGS Adopted Be happy lovely Lottie you have landed in such a wonderful home. Welcome to the FF Club again Ellen and Gary. The best Club ever Thanks as always to Michelle who took Lottie into her care and to the people who helped with the epic journey to get Lottie up North from down South , especially Jaclyn who had to endure dreadful wintry conditions. Our Volunteers are made of stern stuff that's for sure.
  9. Trev

    This handsome boy has got his Forever Home Trev has gone all the way to the Western Isles to live with a lovely Doberman girlie called Felicia He's settling in really well and shares a bed with Felicia already. Trev's character is starting to come out and he's stolen a bag of frozen broccoli and a slice of buttered bread, much to his new owner's amusement. Trev is enjoying his walks with Felicia and has turned out to be just a lovely boy to be around. Have a great new life Trev. Thanks to the Animal Team for helping with his transport from the kennels . Thanks to Michelle who took Trev into her care and to Susan and Elle who fostered Trev and set him on the ladder to having a happy future.
  10. Home check needed-Adoption HC- G76

    Bumping this up. Any takers please. So many dogs needing homes
  11. Chloe

    This gorgeous girl has found herself a lovely home Chloe has gone to live in a great home with a 2 kitties to keep her in order Chloe has proven to be the most wonderful pet and companion and has settled in really well and is behaving with the kitties. Chloe lives quite near the sea and is enjoying her walks there. The whole family are smitten with her and can't believe how perfect she is Be happy beautiful girl life is going to be great. Thanks as always to Michelle at the kennels for taking her in, the people who transported her, and to Katie and Tricia and their pack who showed her the way to becoming a much loved pet she was a tough one to let go.
  12. Sprite

    So sad to hear you have lost your beautiful girl Run pain free now lovely Sprite
  13. Homecheck needed KA4

    Bumping this up. Anyone help please.
  14. Homecheck needed - Fostering - DG2

    Bumping this up. Anyone help please get a kennel hound into foster hopefully.
  15. Homecheck needed - Fostering - EH4

    Bumping this up. Can anyone help please, as always we are desperate for Foster folk