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  1. Nikki


    Aww there lovely photos if you click on them they go bigger ,he loves the sofa totally forgot to tell you that at the time, the kids look so happy with him Here is a funny photo of him
  2. Nikki


    I wuv this boy so much he will always hold a special place in my heart I know he will be so so happy with Jenny and family they are really lovely people and he will have a great life with them be happy beautiful boy x Here is a wee photo I took of him the other day im sure Jenny will be on to post some more
  3. Nikki

    SGS Halloween Show

    Thats Fab had a great day today, Lucy,Henry and Lilly are all out for the count had there tea and back sleeping again
  4. Nikki


    Aww! this is great news im so happy happy new home Kobi the photos are fab
  5. Nikki


    Great news Happy new forever home Kymba to Jaclyn
  6. Nikki


    Just catching up, this is brilliant news Congrats
  7. Great photos was nice to see everyone today Ralph enjoyed himself he done the doggy dash "which was funny" as he just couldn't be bothered to run to me, 4 of us had to shout Ralph lots of times to get his attention he had a great time I got some Liver cake and when I got home from the bingo tonight I discovered that my boy took a few pieces of liver cake thinking it was a normal cake that will teach him
  8. Nikki


    This is fab news Jinty I had a feeling about this , Well done
  9. Nikki


    Great news be happy lovely Lola
  10. Nikki


    Be happy gorgeous boy Bobbie
  11. Nikki


    Be happy beautiful boy, Shadow
  12. Nikki


    Yay!! :shakeshout: be happy Lilly, I know how exited you are to have her Brian to you Lindsay, hope your ok Lilly will be spoiled rotten
  13. Nikki


    Great news happy new life Theo
  14. Nikki


    Thanks for the update Roseanne Henry is lookig great its good to see him with Bonnie and wow! is that Bethany, she has grown, thanks so much for the update great pics
  15. Nikki

    Guvma Rodeo

    It was a good day today , must admit I love Bobby he is a gorgeous boy, I hope there was lots of intrest in the homeless hounds and Ralph won 3rd place in best Senior dog iv hung his cetificate up, im well proud of him
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