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  1. clumsyannie

    Phantom pregnancy

    Vet gave Lily meds to dry her milk, she was fine in a week.
  2. clumsyannie

    Auction donations _ Spring auction facebook

    I have crocheted coats
  3. clumsyannie

    SGS Summer Show

    Do we need to bring a picnic if we want to eat.
  4. clumsyannie

    Success Stories 2015

    Fab fab, fab.
  5. clumsyannie

    Thanks again Andrina

    Just great, I hope your well xx
  6. clumsyannie

    Christmas Show photos and totals

    Well done everyone, I was working unfortunately.
  7. clumsyannie

    SGS Christmas Can Collection - Dundee

    I'll check my rota when it comes out.
  8. clumsyannie

    19 suspected stolen dogs in Selby

    Thats frightening, poor dogs, people should chip their dogs.
  9. clumsyannie

    Donations for Raffle/Tombola - Summer Show

    What's the address to send them to.
  10. clumsyannie

    First ever digital billboard for Greyhounds in UK on M6 Birmingham

    Who puts that up.
  11. clumsyannie

    SGS logo stickers

    Just donated £3.00.
  12. clumsyannie

    SGS logo stickers

    Can I have 2 please, 2nd class is fine, thanks. Karen
  13. clumsyannie


    Good to hear a happy pooch, gorgeous coat where did it come from.
  14. clumsyannie

    Two petitions re the welfare of Irish Greyhounds


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