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  1. Sitting here crying buckets and I didn't even make it to the end of the clip. Well done to the aussies from standing up against cruelty
  2. Stitch

    That's such a shame, I hope the poor boy didn't suffer.
  3. SGS Walk - The Kelpies

    Oh no, I didn't know about the jam! Harris and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone. He was a bit overwhelmed to begin with and is now sleeping off the excitement. I'm off to work out whether I could have Sparky if I just gave up food and clothes☺
  4. SGS Walk - The Kelpies

    That's such a shame but its true that the signs to the kelpies are awful! I can't believe they still have temporary signs after all this time. Hope you didn't throw the sat nav in the canal!
  5. SGS Walk - The Kelpies

    Hopefully Harris & I will make it for our first sgs walk!
  6. Hetty

    I do love a happy ending.......
  7. That's the one! Couldn't believe how well behaved she was
  8. Was Lulu the gorgeous hound in Waverley station on Saturday afternoon?
  9. Mount Kilimanjaro climb

    I've just heard that Callum reached Kilimanjaro summit this morning. Says he's tired, filthy and feels like he's been beaten! I think he's raised about £400 so far for SGS with hopefully more to come now he's made it to the top of the mountain. I very very proud of him.
  10. Mount Kilimanjaro climb

    Callum started the actual climb this morning and is due to reach the top at dawn on Thursday. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes, I know he really appreciates your support. I'll share any more news as I get it, hopefully a picture from the top once he's back down next weekend!
  11. Spring Show - Helpers.......

    I'll still on crutches at the time of the show so can't help with any of the stands etc, however my husband recently won more 500ml bottles of water than we could possibly use unless we start bathing in it! Would you be able to accept some to sell at the show?
  12. Halloween Show - Saturday 27th October 2012

    Harris will be amazed to see so many greyhounds in his day care! Now that we know about cake, we'll all be there
  13. Harris

    Harris is doing well. He's very affectionate and loves to play. We're really seeing his character come through - usually a good thing! He goes to doggy day care when we're at work and is making lots of friends there too, human and furry.... Will post some photo's as soon as I work out how!