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  1. Fab! We have changed both of our cars and they dont look right without an SGS sticker on!
  2. Do you still have these?
  3. That's a fantastic amount! We could not stay too long (our Roy was beginning to struggle a bit) but was so good to catch up with people and dogs that we have not seen for some time. Dogs enjoyed the treats that were bought for them and very proud of Noah and his 2nd place in the oldies group 😍🐶
  4. Hoping to be there on Sunday, will bring baking 😊
  5. Thats absolutely fine Emma thanks just needed to get myself organised! Will probably have Lottie and wee Buster with me as neither of my big boys keep too well x
  6. When do you want me can do anytime but can you let me know please x
  7. I can help, any time slot as its not too far for us X
  8. Mo22


    Great! Love a failed foster x
  9. Mo22


    That's brilliant news, I can imagine how hard it was to let her go as she is a wee cracker X
  10. Mo22


    Fab. Lucky girl x
  11. Mo22


    Such good news x
  12. That's great news xx
  13. Mo22


    Oh he will have a fab home, so pleased, we got him to Lianne from kennels and he is a real cutie I kept asking Mike if we had room for a wee one but it was a firm no! Lucky lucky boy X
  14. Mo22


    Great news, be happy big boy x
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