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  1. Just paid £6 using donate button ref: 5EW76461SD019213C Please post to Alison Brown 37 Morvich Way Inverness IV2 4PL
  2. I replied to the facebook post about this, I would love to take part in this and even take Bob with me. I would rather do the 11-1 slot if possible.
  3. I won item 97 in the halloween auction. A lovely red coat but it's too tight for Bob so I would like to donate it for the auction. I am happy to post it out to the winner. ;-)
  4. bobsmum

    Bob's New coat

    We thanks so much, I've been tearing my hair out trying. Bob is such a cute wee guy but he feels the cold so he loves his little jumper. :-D
  5. bobsmum

    Bob's New coat

    At last This is Bobs new jumper but I don't know how to make the pictures bigger
  6. bobsmum

    Bob's New coat

    Ive sent some photos to Reggie so hopefuly you will get to see them. It was only right sending them to you as it was you that knitted it. He loves it and gets so excited when I take it out. I just can't seem to do it.
  7. bobsmum

    Bob's New coat

    I can't get the photo to load! Help, any advice? X
  8. bobsmum

    Bob's New coat

    I thought I would share this pic of bob in his new coat. Thank you very much for knitting it Suzanne, he absolutely loves it. My little pensioner feels the cold these days and got quite excited when I put this on him.
  9. bobsmum


    It's so nice to see Gypsy in her new home. Be happy Gyp you so deserve it xxx
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