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  1. bobsmum

    Walking out coats

    Thanks for checking for me, I will leave it for now x
  2. bobsmum

    Walking out coats

    What colour do you have in a size 28”?
  3. bobsmum

    Walking out coats

    Hi can I order a bright blue walking out coat size 28” please.
  4. bobsmum

    SGS Christmas Cards

    2R0754057P234705S Donation reference.
  5. bobsmum

    Walking out coats

    I am looking for a sky blue medium or 28"
  6. bobsmum

    Walking out coats

    Do you still stock these coats?
  7. bobsmum

    SGS Christmas Cards

    I would like a calendar and one pack of cards please. I will pay using the donate button just now.&nbs
  8. bobsmum

    Winning Bidders and Totals

    Just paid £6 using donate button ref: 5EW76461SD019213C Please post to Alison Brown 37 Morvich Way Inverness IV2 4PL
  9. bobsmum

    Summer Can Collection - Inverness

    I replied to the facebook post about this, I would love to take part in this and even take Bob with me. I would rather do the 11-1 slot if possible.
  10. bobsmum

    Spring into Summer Auction 2014

    I won item 97 in the halloween auction. A lovely red coat but it's too tight for Bob so I would like to donate it for the auction. I am happy to post it out to the winner. ;-)
  11. bobsmum


    It's so nice to see Gypsy in her new home. Be happy Gyp you so deserve it xxx

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