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      12 Days of Christmas   12/13/2017

      Be sure to check out our post in the Behaviour and Training section about all the issues and possible dangers that face all dogs at this festive time of year

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  1. SGS Christmas Show

  2. Dundee can collection - Total!

    Great amount .Well done everyone and the Dundee folks.
  3. Suzie

    Have a happy new life Lovely Lucie.
  4. May

    Maisie is going to be so loved and spoiled. Thanks To Michelle for taking her in and to Emma for volunteering to foster her although she was scooped up so quickly she didn’t stay for long.
  5. Metro

    So pleased Metro is home. I’m sure he ll be very loved. Thank you to Michelle for taking him in, Kathrin for starting him off in Home life and everyone that has helped along the way.
  6. Morag

    Happy forever lovely girl and well done for fitting in so well your family couldn’t let you go. Thank you to Michelle and everyone that have helped this to happen.
  7. Hugh

    Great News for Hugh. You are going to be so loved.
  8. Bradie

    Happy forever Bradie. Thank you Rosann and family for showing him the way and to everyone that has helped along the way.
  9. Nora

    Hi Nora you look so happy. Thanks to your dad for the lovely pic
  10. Gabe

    Happy New life Gabe . Thank you to Babs for taking such good care of him and anyone else that have helped him on his way.
  11. Rumble

    Aww she looks so settled already
  12. Rumble

    Happy forever Bramble. Thanks to Susan, Elle and Michelle for taking such good care of her and everyone else that has helped along the way.
  13. Nora

    Great News for Nora.She just needed to be understood. Babs you were her guardian angel watching over her until her special Home came along.Welldone everyone.
  14. Roly

    Think I might have read that somewhere . Have a fantastic life together Rocky and family
  15. Luath

    So happy for this big puppy. Thank you Louise and Harry for working wonders with him . Luath was a lucky boy with you showing him the way( and it was extra special getting your updates) Thank you also to everyone that helped out.