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  1. Shona C

    Christmas Can Collection - Edinburgh

    Glad it’s dry there and hope it remains that way for the day. Pouring down here .
  2. Shona C


    Hi Ladies. I posted on Robins thread but will post here too. Could I have a muzzle please for Robin as a certain little hairy monster has chewed 2 in the past few days.
  3. Shona C


    This gorgeous boy has a new name I go with his new life.He is now to be known as Rowan 💕. He has a wee hairy brother called Riley who he’s learning how to be gentle with but isn’t quite there yet. His new mum is totally in love with him as are the rest of the family, He’s even been gentle with his mums wee one year old granddaughter who visits regularly. Thank you as always to Michelle for taking him in and putting him on the first step to being a pet. It was a pleasure to have fostered him as he is such an easy boy and so willing to learn and adapt. Have a great forever Rowan ❤️ And hope to see you at some of the events.
  4. Shona C

    Christmas Can Collection - Dundee

    Well done to everyone that helped out and Thank you from the dogs it will help
  5. Shona C


    Have a grrreat life. Amber .
  6. Shona C


    Happy forever Jasper. The best things come to those who wait and you have proved it.
  7. Shona C


    Happy Happy News. ❤️
  8. Shona C


    So pleased for Lilly . She’s such a lovely wee girl and sounds like she’s enjoying her new life.
  9. Shona C


  10. Shona C


    Such great news that Luna is Home now. She’s such a gorgeous girl .
  11. Shona C


    This wee boy never made it to the homeless page. His family had to give him up due to health issues and his foster mum stepped in to help out but he fitted in so well that she couldn’t give him up. Welcome to the best club around Chantel, The Failed Foster club. Ziggy is going to have a great life with you. Thank you to everyone that helped out finding wee Ziggys new life especially doing the massive transport,
  12. Shona C

    Homecheck IV2 6

    Not at all, My Geography is rubbish. Ill send you the details. thank you.
  13. Shona C

    Homecheck IV2 6

  14. Shona C

    Homecheck IV2 6

    Anybody close to here to do Homecheck. 2 Adults, 2 cats and chickens in the garden. If you can help contact myself or one of the team.
  15. Shona C

    Walking out coats

    Still as Gorgeous as ever. They are special boys. ❤️

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