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  1. Shona C


    So glad that Dancer is Home and fitting in so well.Happy forever now.
  2. Shona C


    So jealous of This wee girls mum. I totally fell in love with her smiles and was tempted to steal her. Have a great life wee girl . Thank you to Michelle for taking you in and showing you what love is.
  3. Shona C


    @ClaireB just transferred £5 for muzzle. I’ll post in Bank thread too
  4. Shona C


    Good things come to those who wait and it’s been well worth your wait pretty Pearl. You are going to have a great life. Thank you to everyone that has helped along the way.
  5. Shona C


    Great to see how happy handsome Roman is and glad to hear he is beginning to settle with his behaviour. I’m sure it’s been difficult for you all including Roman.
  6. Shona C


    What Greyt news . Tilly is going to have such a happy very loved life. Thanks to Michelle for taking her in , Jaclyn for helping her through a wee bit of a difficult time and everybody else that has helped Tilly find her happy forever .
  7. Shona C


    So happy for Simba, Ania and Family. Lots of happy times ahead. Well done to everyone that has been there for Simba along the way that has led to this lovely success.
  8. Shona C

    Melia update

    Great to see her enjoying life.
  9. Shona C

    Homecheck needed for KA26

    I can do this .
  10. Shona C

    Arya formerly Sooty

    Lovely to hear and see how well she is doing. Well Done to you all for the giving her time and patience.
  11. Shona C

    Home check needed for KA2

    @A.33It’s Stevenson
  12. Shona C


    Lovely update. He looks so relaxed. Hope his feet toughen up a bit.
  13. Shona C


    Happy New life Chloe, what a good girl you are.
  14. Shona C


    So sorry Tracey. Run free Sprite.
  15. Shona C


    Yipppee so happy that Tiger(Fang) is staying put. Love love love Failed fosters. Thanks for joining the club Bev and Nick.

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