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  1. Shona C


    This gorgeous lad was another one that was snapped up before he made it to the homeless page. His foster families next door neighbours were looking for a dog that could get along with their reactive two dogs and Joey fitted the role perfectly as he is such a laid back boy. He’s been home for a week now and his doggy sister is a lot less reactive on walks. His wee miniature Jack Russel brother loves him. His mum is totally in love with him and says he has settled really well and found his own sofa to to chill on. He has a new name for his new life and is now known as Shadow. Have a great life Shadow.💕
  2. Shona C


    Joey Sex: - Male Age: - 2 (06/02/17) Breed: -Greyhound Colour: - black Children: - not yet assessed Cats: - not yet assessed Small dogs: - not yet assessed Large dogs: - not yet assessed Housetrained: - training in process Spayed/neutered: - will be prior to homing If you have room in your home and your hearts for ?? please visit our websitehttps://www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.org where you can complete an online application form or you can email us at info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com or phone us on 08456439335
  3. Shona C


    Happy forever Luna. No wonder your new family fell for you . You’re Lovely in looks and nature.
  4. You look pretty settled Buster. Hope you realise how good life is now and don’t want to go off yourself
  5. Shona C


    What a lucky girl Beth is. Nothing surer than you are going to have such a wonderful life now.
  6. Anybody close to here that could do this please ?
  7. Anyone able to help here ? 2 Adult, no children or pets.
  8. Shona C


    Have the best life ever Robin. You certainly deserve it. I’m so pleased I had the room when you needed it most. Happy Christmas, New year and forever Special boy. 💕
  9. Shona C


    Happy forever Ron. Enjoy your new life.
  10. Glad it’s dry there and hope it remains that way for the day. Pouring down here .
  11. Shona C


    Hi Ladies. I posted on Robins thread but will post here too. Could I have a muzzle please for Robin as a certain little hairy monster has chewed 2 in the past few days.
  12. Shona C


    This gorgeous boy has a new name I go with his new life.He is now to be known as Rowan 💕. He has a wee hairy brother called Riley who he’s learning how to be gentle with but isn’t quite there yet. His new mum is totally in love with him as are the rest of the family, He’s even been gentle with his mums wee one year old granddaughter who visits regularly. Thank you as always to Michelle for taking him in and putting him on the first step to being a pet. It was a pleasure to have fostered him as he is such an easy boy and so willing to learn and adapt. Have a great forever Rowan ❤️ And hope to see you at some of the events.
  13. Well done to everyone that helped out and Thank you from the dogs it will help
  14. Shona C


    Have a grrreat life. Amber .
  15. Shona C


    Happy forever Jasper. The best things come to those who wait and you have proved it.
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