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  1. Kasper's weekend trial going great

    That's great News hope Kasper continues to be the perfect fit as he deserves the wonderful life you can give him.
  2. Rikki

  3. Peggy

    Happy forever pretty pup. Enjoy your life as a pet completely oblivious to what a lucky escape you have had.Thank you to Michelle for taking her in,to the folks that helped her get to her forever home and everyone that has helped along the way.
  4. Tina & Paddy

    Have a grrrrreat life together with your forever family. Tina s smile would win anyone over and Paddy is so handsome. Thank you to everyone that have helped this pair find their Happy ever after.
  5. Windy

    Happy New life Indy. You are going to have such a lovely time. Thank you to everyone that has helped along the way.
  6. Storm

    Happy forever Storm. Thank you to everyone that has helped him along the way.
  7. Buzz

    Happy forever Buzz. You've picked yourself a fantastic home.
  8. SGS Edinburgh Festival can collection

    That's great. Well done everyone
  9. Bandit

    Glad Bandit found a home so quickly. Sounds perfect all round.
  10. Colonel

    Happy forever after Wilfred. Thank you to everyone that has helped him along the way.
  11. Boomer

    So glad Boomer/Roger has found his forever home at last. Thank you to Roseanne and Billy for always being there for him and to everyone that has helped him on his way. Have a fantastic life gorgeous big pup.
  12. Chase

    So pleased for you all.Nevis is a lucky boy . Photos are great.
  13. Pearl

    such good news for Pearl she sounds so happy and enjoying her new life.Thank you to everyone that has helped her along the way.
  14. Robbie

    Wee Robbie pup went to his forever home at the weekend. His new name is Jimmy and he's settling well with his new mums who are taking him lots of long walks giving him all the cuddles he want and lots of new toys to play with. Be happy Wee Jimmy and don't be rough with the Kitty cat. We miss you lots but you ll have everything you need in your forever home. Thank you to SGS for taking him in and finding him his lovely home
  15. Homecheck AB45

    This is sorted. Thank you.