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  1. Shona C

    Homecheck IV2 6

    Not at all, My Geography is rubbish. Ill send you the details. thank you.
  2. Shona C

    Homecheck IV2 6

  3. Shona C

    Homecheck IV2 6

    Anybody close to here to do Homecheck. 2 Adults, 2 cats and chickens in the garden. If you can help contact myself or one of the team.
  4. Looks like he’s having a great time with you Ellen.
  5. Shona C

    Walking out coats

    Still as Gorgeous as ever. They are special boys. ❤️
  6. Shona C

    Walking out coats

    Hi Laura . Nice to hear from you . Hope you and the boys are keeping well. Give them a hug from their foster mum ❤️Hopefully we ll see some pictures once your confirmed. Some one will be along soon to sort out your coats I’m sure.
  7. Shona C


    Hi and welcome. I’ve fostered a few dogs over the years ( have number 37 just now) I haven’t worried about basic training with the greyhounds that have came from kennels. They need to learn the rules of being a pet and everything that goes on in a home as it isn’t natural to them as it would be to dogs bred as pets. I try to teach them to feel comfortable being left when I go out, not to eat my food and give me space to eat. Socialising in the outside world ( seeing other dogs if not actually meeting them) then there’s things like crowds of people, children in play parks, kicking balls and generally being noisy. Just everyday life. It’s a lot for them to take in.
  8. Shona C

    Home check DD10 area

    Sorted thanks
  9. Shona C

    Home check DD10 area

    Can anyone help here. 1 older gentleman. No pets. Contact myself or one of the other team members.
  10. Shona C


    Great News for Frankie and his mum. He can enjoy a life of loving and being spoiled now and his mum can enjoy knowing how much he loves her.
  11. Shona C

    Homecheck needed in EH12 area

    Sorted Thanks.
  12. Shona C

    Homecheck needed in EH12 area

    Two adults in a flat no pets or children. Contact myself or one of the team if you can help.
  13. Shona C


    Here she is in the yard showing how hairy her bum is getting
  14. Shona C


    Gorgeous Molly has found herself a lovely home in the country. She has two Rotweillers for sisters and has especially clicked with the younger of the two enjoying playing with her and jumping on her and generally being top dog. She’s helping her sister lose some weight and letting the old Lady Rotweiller get some peace. She is enjoying her country walks and zoomies in the big field when her mum is with her. She also likes to run around in the yard. She goes with her Mum to visit in a nursing home and enjoys all the attention. Thank you to Bryony and Zarene for taking such good care of her and doing the massive journey to take her to her new home.
  15. Shona C

    Homecheck needed TD 9


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