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    walking my dogs, riding my horse, running about doing housework cos I've been too long walking my dogs and riding my horse!!!
  1. Stiggyman


    Tell Max that his Mum and his sister are very chuffed for him having found his comfy forever bed. They said to pass on that if he ever is back down this way again that they would love to compare notes.
  2. As far as I know he is doing great and settled in well with his foster. Yes!! I remember now, the beach walk was at John Muir. We can meet whenever suits you. I work from home and so I'm pretty flexible. X
  3. Oo Ooh Nikkin, we should have a wee family get together. I have your Harrys sister, Lana. That's why I adopted Beauty cos she is Lanas Mum. What's your boy like? Where do you live?
  4. Stop press!!! beauty would like to eat small dogs very much. She also tried to eat my friends big hairy collie today 3 times on our walk. Obviously she is muzzled and on a lead, she is turning into a bit o a "character"
  5. Purple please. How much?? I will pay direct into SGS Bank account with Beauty's adoption fee. Xx
  6. Gonna need another snood.........................just sayin.........
  7. THANKYOU everyone. She's a wee cracker.
  8. Don't want to jinx it. We can't proceed til we return from holiday which is halfway through August.
  9. Lovely Jubbly!! Would definitely be interested in dog jewellery/tags. Great stuff.
  10. Oh yes!! I'm back. About to adopt again...........watch this space.........
  11. Online search...........typed in " compulsion to get a dog which will teach you more about dogs in one day than you knew in the previous 43 years " and SGS came up and Lana burst onto the scene. Have since tried to sell her on Gumtree but to no avail........
  12. Now, I ain't a fortune teller but I could see that coming.....................a blooming MILE off!!! :):)
  13. Words fail me sometimes. Why can't this be judged fairly???
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