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  2. Thats great! Lizzy, see you then
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  4. Joe and I are hoping to pop along with Roger for a while! I looked in the volunteer section the other day wondering if you'd need volunteers for this but obviously missed this here! Not sure what our exact plans are just now, but we should be around at some point early afternoon, so if you want to take a break or anything we can cover for a bit 😊
  5. LJDaberdeen


    Hairy lurcher Jip came back into SGS's care through no fault of his own and luckily we a home looking for a dog just like him! Jip suffers from a bit of separation anxiety so he needed a new home where he would have company most of the time - lucky for him his new family are around a lot of the time, have loads of farm land for him to run around on and best of all, lots of other doggies and children to play with! His new family have been in touch to say he's doing really well and has fit right in, and is such a lovely boy. Happy new home Jip! Thanks to lovely our volunteers who stepped in when Jip needed a lift up the road!
  6. So CheerfulSex: - FemaleAge: - 5 yrs old (23/04/13)Breed: - GreyhoundColour: - BrindleChildren: - UnknownCats: - UnknownSmall dogs: - UnknownLarge dogs: - UnknownHousetrained: - yesSpayed/neutered: - Yes Luna was one of the 6 dogs that came over to Scotland from the Canidrome in China. After a wee while in foster and a bit of dental work she was ready to start looking for her forever home. She was recently matched up with a family, who came to meet her and took her home the same day! She has settled into the family really well, she has some human sisters for plenty of cuddles and attention, and a lurcher brother to play with! She already feels like part of the family, even if she does pinch the occasional cake from the counter... Be happy in your new home Luna, you absolutely deserve a warm and loving home! Thanks to all involved in getting these dogs to the UK, and to Luna's foster family for helping her find her feet!
  7. Shona C


    This clever boy has gone and found himself his own Mum and Dad to make him the centre of attention. He even gets to go to his mums work and be an office dog. Bob has mastered the stairs and is getting used to being left for short periods. He is especially enjoying chilling. Thank you to everyone that has helped him along the way. At his work showing how to stay calm At home Bob loves a pillow to keep hi head comfortable
  8. Cheers Claire, I think we should be able to make that.
  9. Parade is 1.15pm start. It will be nice to see Flo if you are able to make it
  10. Not sure exactly but I'll find out. It's usually about lunch time
  11. @ClaireB what time is the homeless dog parade? We're thinking of coming along with Flo?
  12. Cool. Do you want me there at 9.30am to help set up, or will I come for it starting at 11am?
  13. I just realised who Lola has gone to live with 💕 you’re a lucky girl sweetheart, give Finn a big hug from us x
  14. Jenmill


    Happy FF Magic ! Enjoy your forever home ,great news .xx
  15. Excellent Gill. Maybe in the morning would be good. I'll be there from like 9.30am to set up with Maw It would be good to see her and alway good to have a homeless dog there for the homeless dog parade as they have promised we can read out a blurb about them. But obviously if she isn't ready then she isn't ready 💁‍♀️🐕
  16. We were hoping to come with Sky but I think it would be too much for her, she’s just not ready for that level of doggy interaction.
  17. I can come. What time would you like covered?
  18. It's that time of year again! SGS will be having our regular stall at the Glasgow Vet Schools annual Rodeo. The Rodeo is on 11am to 5pm on Saturday the 20th of April and we are looking for volunteers to come along and help man our stall. There is a homeless dog parade as well so it would be great if some of our homeless dogs in foster homes could come along ?? Public parking will be in the Garsube Estate not the vet school itself.
  19. Home check needed, couple no dogs. PM me if you can help.
  20. Home checker needed here please. 2 resident cats but can be kept safe !! PM myself or a Team member of you can help . Thanks in advance
  21. Home check needed here please, 2 adults, 2 kids and one 5 year old greyhound looking for a pal. Let us know if you can help. Thanks
  22. Is this sorted yet?
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