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  1. Muzzles

    Paid. Receipt number 0061-7835-4384-7252 xx
  2. Muzzles

    Red please. I'll make the payment online tonight xx
  3. Muzzles

    Hello, could I order a large greyhound muzzle please? Are there different colours? Thanks!
  4. Bess

    This is fantastic news! Be happy lovely wee Bess xx
  5. Sunny

    Yey!! Love a failed foster. Be happy xx
  6. Pup

    Have a great life lovely Pup! Xx
  7. Ellie

    Be happy lovely lady ? Xx
  8. Millie

    What a beauty, she looks very happy now ? Xx
  9. Summer Can Collection - Glasgow

    Unfortunately we can't help with this one, we're on holiday abroad at the time. Hope it's a good success like Christmas xx
  10. Rain Macs

    Yeah I'm maybe best to fit him up for size! Thanks Claire, I'll let you know xx
  11. Rain Macs

    See Doodle's coat is a 30" and the velcro barely comes together, it's always been too small. Are you getting more in at all, or just what you have?
  12. Rain Macs

    Can I get a 30" red for Doodle and aqua size 26" for Lola please, both lined if possible?
  13. Urgent transport needed - Beith to Edinburgh

    PS it says fuel paid on the transport request but I don't want any for my part of the journey
  14. Urgent transport needed - Beith to Edinburgh

    Magic, I'm doing first part tomorrow x
  15. Urgent transport needed - Beith to Edinburgh

    I see this is now a transport run on animal network, so just checking it's not already sorted here?