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  1. Walking out coats

    @ClaireB is there any black or red medium left?
  2. Buck

    Fantastic news for this boy, he's landed himself such a fab new home. My screens gone all blurry again Look forward to hopefully seeing you again at a walk or an event. Have a wonderful new life handsome.
  3. Traquair House Dog's Day Out

    I can't drive so of no use unless someone else volunteers that can give me a lift.
  4. Peachy

    great news for this gorgeous girl. No more moving around Peachy welcome to the FF club Maureen and family.
  5. SGS Summer Show 2017

    Is there anyone in the West Lothian area that could give me, Elle and the tombola stuff a lift to this?
  6. Phoenix

    Great news for this handsome boy. Happy New life Phoenix.
  7. We have one of our foster boys needing to go to vets in Whitburn for 12 noon on Wednesday. If you can help post below or send me a PM please.
  8. Help with vet trip Saturday.

    thanks Andrina.
  9. Help with vet trip Saturday.

    Our gorgeous boy Wayne needs to go to the vets on Saturday morning at 10.45 for his post op check is anyone able to help take him and his foster mum there and back. Would be from Dedridge in Livingston down to Vets4Pets Livingston.
  10. One of our lovely foster boys is in for neutering today and needs a lift back home to his foster mum this afternoon. Is anyone able to help?
  11. Meg and Peg

    I got to meet these 2 girls and they were the sweeties wee shy girls. So happy they found that special home. Thanks to Michelle for taking them in and then to Nicola for fostering her
  12. GUMVA Rodeo 2017

    Me and Andrina will be there Elle too if you can be bothered typical teenager.
  13. Harry

    He's a very lucky boy getting to join your family Shona. I loved his bed aswell, it was huge and heavier that I thought it would be. Thanks to Keiths for taking him in and to Lianne for fostering
  14. Dave

    great news for such a handsome boy Welcome to the FF club.