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  1. smashing i shall PM you. thanks
  2. No other dogs or pets, some children. Anyone help here ?
  3. no other furries !! I will pm you - many thanks
  4. Anyone help here please? No kids or cats etc , one flight up
  5. I shall PM you. thanks
  6. Anyone help here please ? some kids and rabbits already resident ?
  7. sotred ghansk
  8. thanks - i shall pm you all!
  9. Anyone help here please - if you advent done fostering home check before don't fear I can talk you through it!
  10. Drum roll please ...................................................... We raised a total of £660 This is an especially impressive total as we had to cut the collection short due to forecast heavy rain and thunder storms. SGS wold like to say a massive to all the volunteers and supporters who turned out for us yesterday to shake a can, and and even bigger to all the hounds who cam along also, you all behaved impeccably
  11. Yipee
  12. @AMG on it :-)) Have pm'd you.
  13. Gyp

    yippee lucky boy , i was lucky enough to meet this big handsome fella!!