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  1. We have a dog, one of SGS's adopted hounds who is needing to get down country, his owner had to move south in an emergency and is down there now and needs to get her boy to her, she doesn't drive and for her to come up for him would require planes, trains and automobiles with him having to travel down south in trains, buses and cars, its a huge journey but we've posted this up on the offchance someone is heading down south in the next week or so who had room for a stowaway, he's a lovely friendly boy and would easily travel with others. PM one of the team if you can help.
  2. Can anyone help get one of our lovely dogs from Edinburgh (north Leith) to Camelon Falkirk tomorrow evening? PM me or post up if you can help x
  3. Exciting news our wonderful Colonel has a foster home offer in Glasgow after waiting ages, he's coming all the way from Hull on Sunday 9th , the animal team as ever are working wonders sorting out the transport, however we have a wee gap that needs filled from Carlisle to Abington services, is there anyone on here who could manage that for us and more importantly Colonel. PM me if you can help, thank you 😊
  4. RobbieSex: -MaleAge: -7 monthsBreed: -Whippet LurcherColour: - Tan and blackChildren: -yes( probably older )Cats: -Yes but bouncy around themSmall dogs: -YesLarge dogs: -yes Housetrained: - Mostly, has an odd accidentSpayed/neutered: -Yes Robbie is a typical full on lurcher puppy, he has lots of bounce and energy, he's currently whippet sized but still has a bit of growing to do. He's currently living with cats but can be a bit bouncy, he's maybe a bit bouncy for really young kids, older would be best, he's a very cuddly boy, who is learning to walk well on the lead, his housetraining is coming on well and any new home would need to continue that training. If you have room in your home and your hearts for Robbie please visit our website where you can complete an online application form or you can email us at or phone us on 08456439335
  5. Thank you Fiona, I'll be in touch when I get my next foster dog
  6. Chase Sex: -male Age: - 2 Breed: - Lurcher Colour: - Fawn and Black Children: - Yes, older Cats: - Not yet assessed Small dogs: - Yes Large dogs: - Yes Housetrained: - Currently in an SGS foster home Spayed/neutered: - Yes Chase is an absolute darling of a boy, he's very friendly to all humans, all dogs that he meets, he's cuddly, playful, happy and will be an absolute delight in most homes. He is currently being fostered with 3 other Lurchers and is friendly and respectful with all of them, he's fully house trained, walks well on the lead, he has never put a foot wrong in his foster home, he would prefer a home with older dog savvy kids as he's quite a big lad. He does need a bit of work being left, but is already learning its okay. He also knows a few basic commands, down, sit etc. If you have room in your home and your hearts for Chase please visit our website where you can complete an online application form or you can email us at or phone us on 08456439335
  7. Failed foster alert our gorgeous big hairy beastie Luath isn't moving anywhere his foster family have totally fallen for his charms and can't bear to part with him we were alerted to Luath by the owner contacting us asking if we could help, she had booked him in to be PTS as he was being jealous of the new baby, we talked her out of that, so she put him on gumtree, thankfully Jojo was quick to answer our appeal and got him into her care asap, he's a very lucky boy with a fantastic life ahead of him. Here is how chilled he is . Luath and his new daddy have matching beards so it was definitely meant to be
  8. Dee

    Our beautiful little lurcher girl Dee didn't even make it to the homeless pages, unfortunately her owners became ill at the same time and they couldn't keep this gorgeous little lady, so she came into SGS and into foster, she was snapped up very quickly though with Ali & Howard and their boys Jake & Nevis, also their six cats. She's settled in a treat and is brilliant with the cats, she was even washing one of their faces the other day Happy new life beautiful little Dee, it was a pleasure to have helped you on a small part of your journey
  9. Great news for this super handsome boy To all who has helped him on his way x
  10. I'll PM you x
  11. Before 1 or after 6 Andrina
  12. Can anyone pick up a wee lurcher for us on Sunday from Gorebridge and bring her to Dunfermline please
  13. Thanks so much Maureen, I was chuffed to bits when Suz told me the good news, Peachy is a lucky girl to have found you
  14. I just thought I'd post this up on the off chance that anyone was going to Oban over that weekend, its not for SGS but for a wee disabled dog who is trying to find her way to Mull, so she needs to get to the Oban Ferry terminal, the problem is its a transport that is bringing her to Hamilton services and Jean can't pin them down for a time, all fuel will be paid, Jean says she'll buy dinner as well if anyone is going up that way on the 24th June or fancies a wee scenic run, let me know and I'll put you in touch with Jean.
  15. We just had a bit of a mad weekend, a couple of things happened that highlighted to us that we need to keep our volunteers safe, one thing was one of our volunteers turning up in a pretty run down area to collect a dog and the person not being there, it meant she had to hang around in that area to see if we could find the person, during that time she was alone and vulnerable, so in future if we have any concerns at all we will ask for two volunteers or for the person giving up the dog to bring the dog to a place of our choosing. The other thing that happened was one of our volunteers was assaulted doing a meet up between dogs, this was just the result of a crazy person and really couldn't have been foreseen, there was also one of our fosters and two of our adopters there, it was very traumatic for everyone involved, thankfully everyone is okay but it again highlighted to us that we are sometimes vulnerable, so the team will do a quick risk assessment for any activities our team and volunteers are going to do. We are also thinking of how to protect people doing home checks, I think it will be a case of asking if two folk can do it or asking folk to drop a message to us to say they are going and again when they come out, generally we weed out the crazy folk at the initial call but that can't be guaranteed, happy to take suggestions on board on how best to do this. SGS couldn't exist without our amazing team of volunteers so its paramount that we keep you all safe, thanks for all you do everyone