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      SGS Summer Show   05/30/2017

      Its that time of year again, we would like to invite everyone to our annual Summer Show  We will have a fun dog show, tombola, raffle, refreshments, the SGS stall and more........ Held on Sunday the 25th of June at the East Whitburn Community Centre, Hens Nest Road, East Whitburn, EH47 8AB (where we were at Christmas) Doors open at 12 noon and entry costs £3.   We will need donations for the raffle and tombola, these can be handed in on the day. Here is a poster that you are all welcome to download and put up wherever to spread the word.


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  1. Thanks, pm'd you.
  2. Anyone?
  3. 3 adults and one whippet. Thanks!
  4. 2 adults and 7 dogs, all female. Mix of breeds including hounds. Thanks!
  5. Have pm'd you
  6. Mine have had it occasionally frolicking about. As you say it doesn't bother then
  7. A huge thanks to Ruth for brilliantly looking after Bess until her forever family came along. Bess now has a family of her own and will have all the attention as an only dog lucky girl. She's settled well, as if she'd always been there. Here are a couple of pictures in her new home:
  8. Bess Sex: - Female Age: - 6 yrs Breed: - Lurcher Colour: - Black Children: - Yes Cats: - No Small dogs: - Yes Large dogs: - Yes Housetrained: - Yes Spayed/neutered: - Yes Bess is a lovely natured girl, she's sweet cuddly and very people friendly, she's had a bit of a rough past and was pretty much kept pregnant then dumped when her last was 8 weeks old, Bess would suit being the only dog in the household, she's fine out and about meeting other dogs but prefers all the attention to herself in the home. As Bess wasn't treated kindly in her first home she does have a bit of arthritis and this is kept under control with Yumove. She really will bring a lot of love into her new families lives If you have room in your home and your hearts for Bess please visit our website http://www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com where you can complete an online application form or you can email us at info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com or phone us on 08456439335
  9. I'll send you a pm Vanesa
  10. 2 adults and no pets thanks!
  11. Thanks, I'll pm you
  12. One cat here and no kids. Thanks!
  13. This is now covered by the original rescue. Thanks anyway
  14. I'll see if I can get some more info for you
  15. Any takers?