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  1. such good news for Pearl she sounds so happy and enjoying her new life.Thank you to everyone that has helped her along the way.
  2. Wee Robbie pup went to his forever home at the weekend. His new name is Jimmy and he's settling well with his new mums who are taking him lots of long walks giving him all the cuddles he want and lots of new toys to play with. Be happy Wee Jimmy and don't be rough with the Kitty cat. We miss you lots but you ll have everything you need in your forever home. Thank you to SGS for taking him in and finding him his lovely home
  3. This is sorted. Thank you.
  4. Any one able to do this ?
  5. So happy for Snipe. Enjoy your new life handsome lad. Thanks to everyone that has made this possible.
  6. This home has a Friendly Labrador , a wee toddler and 2 old lazy cats that have their own areas of the house so can be kept away for home check.
  7. Happy new life Flash. Thank you to everyone that has helped him find the life he deserves
  8. Great News for Nico and family. Have a happy life handsome boy. Thank you to Michelle, Vanessa and everyone that has helped this boy on his way.
  9. Happy forever Luath. It was lovely to meet you at the show. Thank you so much to your new mum and Dad for taking you in so quickly and then not being able to let you go.
  10. Dee

    Great News for Dee and her new family. You will have a very loved life but don't be learning any of crazy Jakes tricks. Thank you Katie and Tricia for taking her for an assessment so she could find this perfect home.
  11. Ava

    Lucky Ava and lucky family to have found each other. Happy forever wee girl. Yhanks and well done to everyone that has helped along the way.
  12. Anyone?
  13. BUMP. Anyone available for this ? ( it's Fife)
  14. Happy forever for you and your family beautiful girl.
  15. Anyone able to help here . 14 and 12 year olds and 3 cats.?