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      SGS 10th Anniversary   03/01/2018

      To mark the 10th year of SGS we have a few special events organised, including new merchandise with a brand new logo, a special auction on Facebook and a brand new website; www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com. Click here to see the full post http://sgsforum.co.uk/topic/35344-sgs-is-10-years-old/    

Edinburgh Festival Can Collection

This announcement is no longer active


SGS have been given permission to hold a charitable can collection during the Edinburgh Festival on Sunday 20th of August :thumbup:

This is always a great day out, you get to see a bit of the festival and talk about greyhounds all day as well as helping us raise much needed funds :thumbup:

For the day to be successful we need volunteers, to do 2 hour slots between 2pm and 8pm. We always find that the later time slots gained more attention from people as they weren't rushing to shows etc so we have decided to just hold it in the afternoon/evening.

Time slots will be broken onto  2pm - 4pm, 4pm - 6pm and 6pm - 8pm.

If you can help please post here, PM myself or email us at info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com, stating which slot you would like.