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  1. Yesterday
  2. 10th Anniversary Bags

    Great, ill get them off to you tomorrow
  3. 10th Anniversary Bags

    Can I get 1 black and 1 blue please. Payment via PayPal. Thanks! Tote bags please!
  4. Home Check Needed - G42

    Excellent, thank you, we'll send you the details.
  5. Home Check Needed - G42

    I could do it on Sunday
  6. Homecheck needed KA3

    Anyone help here please ? Cheers
  7. 10th Anniversary Bags

    Is that of the tote bags or the drawstring bags?
  8. Last week
  9. 10th Anniversary Bags

    Can I get 1 black and 1 blue please. Payment via PayPal. Thanks!
  10. Homecheck needed PA16

    Sorted 👍🏼
  11. Homecheck needed for PA16

    Sorted 👍🏼
  12. Homecheck needed for EH16

    Thanks Andrina I'll pm you x
  13. Homecheck needed for EH16

    Emma We can do it Andrina and Roxy
  14. Guvma Rodeo 2018

    I will be there Jax with Roxy and will bring Marmalade!!!!!!!!!!!! Andrina
  15. Guvma Rodeo 2018

    Excellent, thanks.
  16. Guvma Rodeo 2018

    I should be able to help out for a couple of hours.
  17. Walking out coats

    aw , paddy will be in good company then I've done a bank transfer with "paddy" as the reference thank you !!!
  18. Walking out coats

    Great - that's the coat away with Gill and I hope Paddy loves it , it's the same as Fonzie one!
  19. Walking out coats

    Thanks so much !! Gill will pick one , that's great. I'll do a bank transfer just now . Hope everyone enjoying the sun and wrapped up ! Jen
  20. 10th Anniversary Bags

    Absolutely - they are great you can read the names fantastically well. get that off to you. thanks
  21. Homecheck required - IV17

  22. Home Check Needed - G42

  23. Homecheck needed for EH16

    There are two adults & two children here. Thanks!
  24. 10th Anniversary Auction

    If you havent visited the auction yet please do lots of lovely hound and non-hound items ! thanks
  25. Walking out coats

    Theres defo large coats in non girly colours and I will gladly take to walk tomorrow , i shall take a choice !!
  26. Walking out coats

    Hi Claire , I'm wondering if you have any left in large for paddy? Any colour will do fine but maybe not too girly if if you have options . We won't make it to the walk on Sunday but if you were going maybe you could give to my sister gill? I can do a transfer now is it £15? Thank you !
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