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  2. SGS T-shirt range

    Both now sold BUT plenty of the other colours and styles available
  3. It's that time again when we're putting together the Success Stories video...... As always we are looking to our supporters to suggest music for the video. Please post your suggestions below and we will randomly pick a couple of songs.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Calm dogs help needed

    Gem would be amazing, I’m sure one or two of the Ivy Bank pack could help too
  6. Calm dogs help needed

    That would be great, We'll pm you more details. Thanks.
  7. Extra Large winter coat

    Hi Alison, It is available now, are you still interested? It is 30"
  8. Calm dogs help needed

    Hi, I’m sure Jem could help out here... she is calm and loves the company of other hounds. We’re not far from Ratho. Hppe we can help... Chas.
  9. Fleece Coats

    Hi Fiona, What size is Molly again?
  10. Calm dogs help needed

    We're looking for someone with a calm dog to meet up with one of our foster dogs to help progress his training. Is there anyone around the Ratho area who might be able to help? Or if you can think of someone who could help we'd appreciate if you could pm me or comment below. Thank you
  11. Fleece Coats

    Hi Claire looking for a fleece and also a waterproof coat for Molly .please ?
  12. Fleece Coats

    I will have a look as we have had a few fleece costs donated recently
  13. Fleece Coats

    Hi ClaireB do you have anything to fit Flo and Jake, we're looking to buy them something to sleep in. He's about 30" and she's 28"
  14. Christmas hound t-shirts

    Sure thing, if you can PayPal the money over I'll get that posted out
  15. Christmas hound t-shirts

    Claire can I get the large one please. Roseann Foster
  16. Last week
  17. Extra Large winter coat

    Hi Alison, we have one person who is interested and is first in the Q but if they decide not to buy it then we will let you know
  18. Christmas hound t-shirts

    2 new, white long sleeved t-shirts with "Hark, the greyhound angels sing" One in S and one in L. £5 each plus either £1.40 for 1st or £1.20 for 2nd class post, order soon and ask for 1st class post to receive in time for Christmas
  19. Knitted hound coat - Large

    Large, 30", knitted hound coat with built in snood and under chest fastenings. This comes in a lovely green and cream colour. Only 1 available, first come first serve. £10 plus either £3.40 for 1st class or £2.90 for 2nd class.
  20. Extra Large winter coat

    Is this still available?
  21. Extra Large winter coat

    Slightly used but still in immaculate condition, only 1 available! 1) Extra long material cut at thigh, shoulder and abdominal region. 2) Fully attached hood with leash slit. 3) Two piece construction for balanced fit. 4) Rip stop nylon outer shell with breathable properties. 5) Carefully selected modern fabrics that provide superior warmth to weight ratio. 6) Micro fibre infill with warm micro fleece lining. 7) Velcro adjustable front with roll back neck. 8) Easy on/off jacket application. Some details on why they're deluxe:- Internal lining is made of Berber fleece. Berber fleece is a textile that is very lightweight, warm and soft to touch. Because of the way the yarn is knitted into the fabric (it is brushed together with wire brushes to pull the material together and 'fluffs' it up) the soft pile forms large air pockets which improve the insulating properties of the fabric. In addition to being warm, the fleece is also designed to wick away moisture; from a dogs perspective this means zero moisture build up along the surface of the dogs back therefore keeping the dog dry and warm for extended periods. In between the outer and inner lining there is fill called 'Holofil'. This extremely lightweight material inclusion has two benefits; warmth retention and wind resistance (the small fibres help breakdown a direct blast of wind). A bargin at £10 plus postage which will be either £3.40 for 1st class post or £2.90 for 2nd class.
  22. Fleece Coats

    thanks Claire
  23. Fleece Coats

    Hi Roseann, Sorry i dont think we have anything in that size right now. We sold quite a few of the fleece coats at the show so we are running really low on stock for the bigger sizes especially. We might be getting more in but probably not until the New Year now im afraid.
  24. Fleece Coats

    Hi Claire what colour of fleece coats do you have to fit Rover is he is 32" Thanks Roseann
  25. Fleece Coats

    where can I see photos of the fleeces ?
  26. Fleece Coats

    Great! That sounds like a good plan 😄👍
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