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  1. Yesterday
  2. Lorri

    homecheck needed G42

    Anyone help here please? No other pets or little ones at home
  3. Last week
  4. Lorri

    SGS 2019 Calendar and Cards

    Thanks for that.....
  5. Margaret

    SGS 2019 Calendar and Cards

    Thanks they emailed me a number in case you need it 14R7307167084573X Margaret
  6. ClaireB

    SGS 2019 Calendar and Cards

    Hi Margaret, Sure thing, I'll get that posted tomorrow
  7. Margaret

    SGS 2019 Calendar and Cards

    Hi Claire Please may I have one Calendar I have paid £10.00 via Pay Pal but didn't get a reference number as I used to so I hope I have done it right Thanks Margaret
  8. Reggie

    Home Check needed G31

    We need a Home Check here please. No other pets or children. PM myself if you can help.
  9. Reggie


    Happy new life Asher ❤️ All good from now on beautiful 💕
  10. Shona C


    Have a grrreat life. Amber .
  11. EmmaMac

    Homecheck needed for IV2

    Thanks. I'll pm you 👍🏼
  12. EmmaMac


    Asher, now Amber, has a home of her own Amber and her new mum are settling in well to their daily routine. A big thanks to Dorota and family for fostering Amber, and, as always, to Michelle for starting her on her journey! 🐾 Happy days!
  13. EmmaMac


    AsherSex: - FemaleAge: - August 2014Breed: - GreyhoundColour: - BlackChildren: - Not assessedCats: - Not assessedSmall dogs: - Not assessedLarge dogs: - YesHousetrained: - yesSpayed/neutered: - If you have room in your home and your hearts for ?? please visit our websitehttps://www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.org where you can complete an online application form or you can email us at info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.comor phone us on 08456439335
  14. ClaireB

    Flag banner transport

    We need a small flag banner brought from Edinburgh to Kennoway before Saturday. Please post below or PM me if you can help, it is for the Dundee can collection so even if you planning on going to the can collection for the first slot on Saturday from the Edinburgh area that would work. Thanks
  15. Hi I'd like a size 5 fleece lined harness - can you let me know of availability? thanks rachel Green
  16. Jane & Millie

    SGS Christmas Show

    Great! Thanks Claire
  17. Kate A

    Christmas Can Collection - Edinburgh

    I could do either. Would prefer 12 -2.
  18. knepute

    Christmas Can Collection - Dundee

    Pippa and I will be there for 2-4. Tula is a maybe...the couch just might be too comfortable for her to move from.
  19. ClaireB

    SGS Christmas Show

    There sure will be Jane
  20. Jane & Millie

    SGS Christmas Show

    Will there be any Perfect Fit harnesses? We really need a new one for Abbie but I’m not sure what size. She may also have put of a little weight but her current one is a bit tight.
  21. Jane & Millie

    Ruby's Camping Trip - A Couple of Photos

    Gorgeous photos - love the way she’s resting her head Jane
  22. Nico

    Homecheck needed for IV2

    Sounds great maybe not this week but could manage next
  23. EmmaMac

    Homecheck needed for IV2

    The cat is out most of the time the applicant says and is separated from current dog when in. Does this help?
  24. Nico

    Homecheck needed for IV2

    We could potentially do this but neither of ours are cat safe to take with us..?
  25. Kaz


    Brilliant news
  26. Kaz


    Wonderful news
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